Choose Patti's To Cater Your Event

There’s No Bakery Like Patti’s

We will cater any event! Our cookies and cakes are versatile with their classic taste and appealing look. There is no occasion that Patti’s Pastries can’t accommodate! Our individually-crafted specialty cakes and our assorted cookies and pastries are an asset to any event. Whether your theme is ‘classic elegance’ or ‘juxtaposed modern’ we will rise to the occasion and surpass your expectations. You won’t be able to resist our superior treats. The quality of Patti’s Pastries products is unrivaled by any other bakery. We make fresh, irresistible confections for each customer–no synthetic, frozen products here!

You’ll never have to worry with Patti’s Pastries. Just give us a call and tell us what you want—we’ll make it happen! No messy set-up or clean-up, no miscommunication–it’s a dream come true! We’ll listen carefully while you tell us what you want to make your event extra-special. Your unbridled joy is our primary inspiration for our creations. The creativity at Patti’s Pastries cannot be learned; it is a gift that our bakers were born with, and they use their creative expertise to meet your needs and go the extra mile.

No bakery can compete with the creativity and customer service that you will receive at Patti’s Pastries. We are family-oriented, very friendly, and always professional and ready to take on a project. We promise that you will be just as thrilled with our customer service as you will with our product—you’ll never need to search for a source for your pastry needs again!