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I owe all of my success to my family–first and foremost to my parents.

The secret of my thirty seven years of success, is the constant encouragement, self-sacrificing love, the support from my family, and my obsession and love for baking the BEST wedding cakes, and pastries.
— Patti Schvabenitz

Many years later she married, and shortly after, together Patti and her husband Daniel had their first child; Nicole Schvabenitz. Soon after Nicole’s arrival, her husband Daniel was laid off from his employer: J&L Steel. Patti put her love for baking to work in order to support her family on a part-time basis by baking and selling cookies. Her husband lovingly handed her his unemployment check, so she could purchase cake pans; those pans and a small bakers level helped her to build a successful wedding cake and cookie business. Those very same pans and bakers level share her workspace today!


During Patti’s early years of baking, she stated that the decline of the economy had forced many women to return to the work force. This ultimately left little time to bake cookies for family gatherings. Therefore, the economy provided Patti with the opportunity to build a successful business, provide financial support for her husband, and enabled her to stay at home and raise her two children; Nicole & Nicholas Schvabenitz.

After Patti had fifteen years of operating experience, using a home-based business model and receiving the support of her husband Daniel and her daughter Nicole; Patti was able to open ‘Patti’s Pastries Bakery Café’ in April of 1999. She operated a full-service bakery and coffee shop for three years, located on Broadhead Road in Aliquippa, PA. Shortly after the three year mark, Patti ultimately made the decision to radically change her business model and go back to the basics that helped her become so successful; Patti returned the business to it’s starting point: her renovated basement, which serves as a complete kitchen.


Patti stated that a typical storefront has only a select few products, and must operate on a first-come, first-serve basis and ultimately lacks the ability to give a personal touch to its customers. Patti wanted to provide her customers with a different approach; producing a product where personalization and attention to detail was paramount! Using the basic principle of “quality” Patti is able to deliver a fresh customized product that no other bakery can rival.

To this very day, Patti and her family still operate an incredibly successful bakery, specializing in Wedding Cakes and pastries.